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    In Romans 9:14, 19ff. Paul anticipates these very objections when he discusses sovereign election. If you raise these objections then it shows you are reading him loud and clear, so that the question is not whether scripture teaches determinism and absolute sovereigny as I have outlined it. The question is: Do you believe the word of God or not?By the way, is that green guy in the thumbnail picture a pickle or what?

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  24. 01/12/2016 at 00:50

    I second Daves motion. It is the inequality in our society that drives child abuse of all colours. To argue over percentages and who loves which race the most is missing the point- kiwi kids are getting hurt and sometimes killed by their own families which is totally unacceptable. Solutions to these depressing stats would be much more constructive, don't you reckon?

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  35. 30/11/2016 at 17:52

    Whilst I can see this current Government closing down Kiwi FM by cutting their funding. Somehow I can't see them redirecting those funds to a RNZ2 as per your suggestion. Kiwi FM is far from perfect but I still believe we are better with it(even in it's new form of 60% NZ content) than without.

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    Republicans have never been for the poor or working class no matter what they say. If you work everyday and need your pay check you have no business voting republican and that includes professional people.

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