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  1. 10/11/2016 at 20:07

    Thank you, Damion. This kind of open dialogue really helps put a smile on my face through all this. I know it will get easier, and I know I will adjust. I appreciate the encouragement, and the advice!Best,Amber

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    Storyworld.ch hin oder her – bei der bedienungsunfreundlichen Webseite, bei der dauernd die Java-Menüs grundlos aufklappen, lohnt es nicht, vorbeizugeben.Da gibt man lieber ein paar Franken mehr aus – hat dafür mehr für’s Auge und braucht weniger Nerven.

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    Boa tarde!Adorei o texto! Literalmente serve pra quem precisa ver com outros olhos a vida é bela, e nos temos que enfrentar e pensar que em primeiro lugar vem nós em segundo também em terceiro em diante ai é outra historia!

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    At last, someone who comes to the heart of it all

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    I did not know you had illustrated a book!!! How exciting and cool! (and also, I'd be happy to have that big red chair when Hugh is finished with it…)Congrats on the show prizes. I agree with you – despite the concerns about judging and display, I think it is worth entering items and I will do it one day I promise!

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    Hi Susan,This is a great list. I’ve engaged in one or two of them, but you’ve inspired me to think of different venues to ply my trade. The folks over at Visa thank you. CheersGeorgeTumblemoose’s last blog post..

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    Hey the entire show is “one man’s opinion” and if you don’t like it as it has been from day one there are other ways to spend your time. You also have never been asked to pay for my opinion and no you will never hear a rant on abortion on TSP.Current score: 1

  9. 10/11/2016 at 15:35

    Obamabot sounds about as bad as Dittohead. By the way, people thought he was a liberal because of his purposely vague statements meant to satisfy both liberals and moderates. His record in the Senate was decidedly more liberal than his record as president. That is not to say that the president is doing a poor job, but liberals should hold his feet to the fire.

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    Now I feel stupid. That’s cleared it up for me

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    [..YouTube..] great idea i need to do that too …. but you know what you may have lost inches do you measure… using a measuring tape? that happen to me my weight didnt really look like it was going down but when I got measured again i was losing inches …(dont know just a thought trying to help ) anywho happy thanksgiving to you too ! ; )

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    God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to figure this out.

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    Il n’est Juif que par envie, MàC, ce n’est qu’une forme de racisme. Ici même quelques Juifs l’ont mis à sa place, mais son fascisme spécifique lui empêche d’en prendre bonne note.

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    For the love of God, keep writing these articles.

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    RohanJuly 15, 2006 at 10:38 amLooks like Ashley is gonna leave. Very disappointing considering he is, in many people’s eyes, the best left back in the world. Well, I think so anyway. This is fucking disappointing and if he does go, who we gonna get instead? Clichy’s is not ready I don’t think. Aaaaah fuck’s sake!!!

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    What an interesting podcast about social media and its value to brand. It’s amazing to see how social media has truly strengthened the relationships between consumers and brands and hard to imagine why most brands still don’t fully utilize social media to connect with their consumers as much as they can.

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    Hi…just thot you might want to check with your ObGyn first before doing anything. I mean, if you’ve been swimming all this time, then it shud be ok. It’s best not to start any ‘new’ thing at this stage of your pregnancy.Most babies have a lot of room to turn until the 36th week….so maybe you shud just relax first…and when it gets nearer to term, perhaps your OBGYN can help u turn the bb around. Dun worry too much la…the best is the chk with your Dr.

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    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

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    Skönt att knät kändes bra, och spännande med lopp på kommande. Är det "till prinsens minne"?Och yes! Nu verkar det fungera att kommentera!

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    UNBC, I'm disappointed in your reply. Your response to the Ankeny decision is to call the judges by silly names, even though the Indiana Supreme Court refused to consider an appeal and there was no outcry in the legal community when the decision was issued, as the outcome was exactly what was expected given the current widespread understanding of natural born citizenship under U.S. law.And take another look at Wong Kim Ark. It explains very clearly that the nature of the citizenship of Obama and others is determined not by statute but by the Fourteenth Amendment.Oh, and by the way, do you really believe any of this will be admissible in the Lakin case?

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    Ya sabes amigo D. Kabileño que el camarada Chávez no es santo de mi devoción, me parece un tipo cuartelero y zafio. Aunque no discuto la legalidad de sus mandatos. Pero bueno, lo que dices está bastante argumentado y, sobre todo, demuestra que la objetividad es puro cuento.Un saludo republicano

  25. 10/11/2016 at 09:17

    LMAO. AS contract is imminent and these dream replacements *aren’t* going to happen just like McNabb, Hasselbeck, Kolb, etc, etc, didn’t happen last year. The brain trust will focus on WR and AS numbers will continue to elevate.The 9ers are WR away from a Superbowl!

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    What an awesome way to explain this-now I know everything!

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    I told my grandmother how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!"

  28. 10/11/2016 at 06:49

    The Rombot’s efforts to spin this… here and on Race is paethtic. Especially after days of bashing Palin for not supportin the Boehner bill. For the record, I agree with Mitt on this. This bill is a shit sandwich that will blow up in the face of every republican that votes for it. By the way, Boehner is now on record saying that he got 98% of what he wanted. The Dems are certain to hang that statement around the necks of every republican that criticizes the bill. Thanks, John. Dan, I disagree with you on this issue, but I admire your honest. I can’t say the same for some of you fellow Romney fanatics.

  29. 10/11/2016 at 06:33

    "If this is the case why are the original companies selling out right after they drill enough wells to prove up reserves? If you could produce oil for $20 you would not sell those properties"…I'm guessing that the 'original companies' don't want to have to deal with this …Assuming to the DOE is correct (granted its a mighty big assumption) there's plenty of reason to bet on the Bakken formation:

  30. 10/11/2016 at 06:10

    Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  31. 10/11/2016 at 05:40

    Grim 211didnt you hear? Bernanke saved the world from a nasty recession. All is well and Father Bernanke has your best interest at heart. Have no fear.

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    I knew I had to see Magic Mike ASAP, so I went last night. sooo much eye candy! The plot was a little weak but lets be honest, that’s not why we all go to see it! Plus it was hilarious!and Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey were perfect.Between the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and this movie, women around the world don’t have too much to complain about!

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    Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem solved.

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    I really don't like MF being number one, especially when Maverick is in the same park and blows it away yet wasn't even in the top ten. Personally I think Montu should be higher, it sits in my top five, love it.

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    Up to this point every movie about Marilyn has been cheezy, kitsch, melodramatic, or made for tv movie. But this actually looks legit. Kind of like how Walk the Line was really good.

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  71. 09/11/2016 at 07:44

    I’m so disappointed that prop 8 passed. I can’t believe something so Un-American as denying basic civil rights could pass in this day and age. It won’t last, but what a hung step backwards.

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