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    Sometimes people judge things by their thought and feeling but the feeling is not always correct. You believe the feeling in your mind but you may misunderstand other people.For example, you think your family member don’t care about you. Maybe they don’t actually show their concern. In the bottom of their, you are important to them. Jumping to conclusions is not a good way to truly know people’s attitude and thinking. I think we have to be more considerate and try to understand the true attitude and thinking.

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    Just the type of insight we need to fire up the debate.

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    så flott bilde av Line. Jeg gleder meg også masse ;))) du er ille flink Susan som ordner opp ;) ille glad i dere, stooor klem

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    De alguma maneira sim, perdemos todos, mas nem a culpa pode ser do povo nem ser atirada, outra vez, para o 13 de Maio, o Melo Antunes ou a Vera Lagoa. Não será assim?

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    That is so funny! This will be excellent material for sometime between her senior year of high school and her rehearsal dinner.My mom has so many pictures of me on the Pink Pig…she could probably fill an album with just those annual shots. It’s such a neat Atlanta tradition. We also always did Breakfast with Santa at Macy’s. Another fun one, for sure!So glad y’all are making special memories.

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    Le scarpe Wang non mi piacciono proprio, ma credo anche io poco tempo e le indosserano anche con il pigiama. (Piccola nota: mentre lo scrivevo mi sono ricordata che un altro trend è in effetti quello dei completi-pigiami. La moda lascia ormai poco spazio anche la più fervida fantasia). Fash n chips bellissima, la mia preferita di questa selezione insieme a Fashion Zane. Quanto a quest'ultima pensare che io vedendola ho pensato subito che avevo scoperto finalmente una bella blogger non taglia 40!( e non per questo grassa!)

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    Beautiful story,Love the dreaming soft over voice you use to describe your feelings, for it is our dreaming that brings color to the world we live in. Came by Emily’s Thursday,Joanny

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    I would love to have this set as it is versatile and no longer available, love your blog ideas, inspiration ,art work. You are truly amazing to share your ideas and knowhow with us each day. God bless and thanksEileen

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    This was happening last winter on the block of Lafayette between Nostrand and Marcy–one of our tenants got fooled by it and gave the guy 20 bucks.The guy tried it on me and I told him to f**k off, he scurried away.

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    If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kowabunga, dude!"

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    No, I’m only doing ONE garment for next week : ) I only have so much time and energy believe it or not! Yes, I’m VERY curious to see what next year brings as well.

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    hahaha. Buat apa tu ya beli sampai 6K rnggit malaysia tapi untuk memanjat, berjalan dan turun tangga. Sorry tak dapat tengok video internet slow, kalau tak boleh juga tengok kelebihan dia. heheNaziman recently posted..

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    This is interesting, I hadn't watched it for a while. The Christian references here are pretty bvious yes. Before this, I was uncomfortable with the Messianic thing. It often feels like the Doctor is this god to fill a hole in the hearts of those who don't have/care about Our Lord…

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    We could have great fun with this as an on-line project we will have to swap ideas for the booklet and see if Dave is up for illustrating it. By the way I bought you the Photography booklet out of this series and forgot to give it to you the last time you came over.

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    Kelly, I love this idea. I’m thinking of making these as gifts for my wedding party using a stamp in the theme of our wedding. What kind of paint did you use for the stamp? What kind of surface should the coaster have? What kind of sealant do you need, and is that the only spray you need to use on the tile?Thanks so much!

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    Sounds like this did really beat my trip to San Francisco last week. I had to forfit theinvitation and redo the ‘db-centric’ paper presentation at Moscone Center.

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    I suspect BarbieAlice will sell really well, not just because she’s Alice and there are no competing Alice dolls yet (*shoots glare at Tonner*), but because she’s brunette and she has seriously, seriously cute hair. I can see little girls begging for this doll, not just fangirls.

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    “sad excuse of a country”. I served my country in the US Air Force as did my father. I love this country!!! what I was refering to is the mess the liberal few have turned this great country of ours into. I was and still would be willing to die for this country. It is the best one on this blue marble in space! It sickens me to see what has happened and is happening to it!

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    The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

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    / The warfare was so violent BEFORE the white man came that many whole civilizations had already come and gone, in some cases leaving NO descendents BEFORE the white man came. Our natives here want land settlements for land they conquered just a century before the white man showed up. They WERE conquerors and got conquered. I have read reports that many native tribes were in terrible shape before the white man. Periodontal disease took many causalities at a young age, according to anthropologists I've read

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    Oh yes, I know that feeling. The urge to blab must be resisted or the characters leak away. But I also know that feeling about somebody else writing your idea before you get round to it! That has happened to me several times and you just feel like screaming. Nick Green convinced me (eventually) that it doesn't really matter, and you don't have to give up the idea. It's your characters and your setting that make it original, and concepts are never that original anyway…I like that anyway!

  63. 28/11/2016 at 05:17

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